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We Are Looking For A Publisher To Publish Our Beautiful New Children's Book.

artwork by Christabel Blackman
Richard has just completed his sixth book which is about two school children who live in different countries who form a friendship by writing letters to each other, just like many of us did when we had pen pals.

By writing letters to each other they find out about each others cultures & how other children their own age live in different parts of the world and at the end of the day they discover that they are both very similar & that they both have a lot in common. The lovely thing about this story is that it is universal.

This beautiful little book is educational & will breakdown cultural barriers. By learning about different cultures at a young age I believe that todays generation will be more accepting of others.

The book is not only entertaining & engaging for the children but will also be educational as well. I am educating through storytelling, in a very clear and yet fun way.

Christabel Blackman is one of Australia's best known & loved artists and the illustrator of the book, which is very exciting. Her art is in major galleries in Australia & around the world and her beautiful illustrations are the perfect match for this story.

To enquire about publishing this book please email richard