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Letters from celebrities or historically important people are always fascinating to read & look at.

I’m always interested to scroll down to the bottom & look at their signatures.

Many of the letters give us a personal insight into the private world of a particular identity.


Picasso letter in English (written to his friend Gertrude Stein)

“You will see. Each day is more difficult and where do you stay calm? I am in the middle of making a [home] with a little girl. They have flowers in their baskets and beside them are two [eggs] and wheat. Something like that.
 My best wishes to you and your sister. From your friend

Nixon-Resignation (1)

Former President of The United Sates of America; Richard Nixon’s resignation letter written on the 9th of August 1974 proves that sometimes less is more.

Keith Murdoch, The Gallipoli Letter 1915. Page 1 of 25.

This twenty-five page letter, written by journalist Keith Murdoch to his friend, Prime Minister Andrew Fisher, helped establish the notion of Gallipoli as both a disaster & a place of national sacrifice. Murdoch’s conversational yet brutally honest letter played a key roll in ending the Gallipoli campaign & in the evacuation of British & Anzac troops from the peninsula. In it’s opening pages, Murdoch describes the Gallipoli campaign as ‘undoubtedly one of the most terrible chapters in our (Australia’s) history’.

The letter was written & cabled to Fisher in September 1915 after Murdoch had returned to London from his four-day visit to Gallipoli. In London, Murdoch met with senior members of the British government who then persuaded the British Prime Minister, Henry Herbert Asquith, to read the letter. Asquith had it printed as a state paper & circulated to the committee in charge of the campaign. By January 1916, all Allied troops had been successfully withdrawn from Gallipoli without loss of life.

Never Underestimate The Power of Writing A Letter!

Keith Murdoch Letter To End Gallipoli
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