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1st September 2020 – Dear friends


Dear friends,

Happy World Letter Writing Day 2020.

Since I founded World Letter Writing Day in 2014 thousands of people from all around the world have picked up a pen or pencil & wrote a letter, in many cases for the very first time.

I have received many letters myself since 2014 from people just wanting to say thank you to me for encouraging them to write letters again.

A lot of people tell me that they used to write letters when they were younger, but as time goes on they have stopped, many used to have pen pals & they used to love writing & receiving letters from their pen pals.

As the years pass most of us have lost that special connection of writing to a pen pal.
A few months ago I started a World Letter Writing Day Pen Pal Facebook Group & since then hundreds of people have connected with one another & have become pen pals.

It’s obviously been a very difficult year with Covid 19 & because of this many of us at times are feeling lonely, scarred & anxious, I know I have felt like this sometimes throughout the year.

There has never been a more important time that right now to really connect with loved ones & friends, sure we can connect with them on social media, but if you really want to connect & make someone feel special then why not write them a letter?
You will feel great once you have written the letter & the person that receives your letter will feel very special.

It’s also a challenging time for us parents as well.

A few months ago my son started writing letters to his classmates during homeschooling & the response was incredibly positive from his school friends.

Most of his friends had never received a letter before & they all really enjoyed writing a letter back to him.

So this year for World Letter Writing Day lets really show those that we care about how very special they are by writing to them, you’ll really make someones day.

Happy World Letter Writing Day 2020!

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